Olivia Taylor

Hi! It's nice to meet you. I'm really glad you've found your way to the RMHub...

We’re working on creating resources for Young People like you to build the future that you deserve – so let us know if there are any topics that you would like us to cover. 

Let me tell you a little about myself — I’m Olivia – an Undergraduate at the University of Cambridge studying Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (basically psychology plus other social sciences like sociology and anthropology). 

I love studying at Cambridge but it wasn’t something I always thought possible. My parents didn’t really finish any formal schooling, I grew up in council housing on free school meals. I didn’t really think I would achieve much in the future until a chance meeting at 16 – I won a speech competition and a lady told me she thought I should apply. After my objections – “someone like me doesn’t go to places like that”. I ended up accepting her help and now Cambridge feels like home. 

My North Star is to help Young People achieve the best for their future – whatever that is. So many Young People are unaware of their own power and the potential they have in them. If you dream of going to University, if you dream of starting your own business or to do an apprenticeship we are here for you. Or, maybe, you don’t know yet – we’re here for you too. 

It can be hard to be a Young Person. Sometimes it can be confusing to make choices about the future.  We want to help you make the right choices because we believe that you will go on to do amazing things – if you work hard.