Olivia Taylor

Interview Etiquette

The RMHub Guide on how to act at interview!

Know your stuff!

It’s polite to have researched at least the basics of the company. If you turn up knowing very little about the company you are interviewing at you are (1) less likely to get the job and (2) the interviewers may even consider it rude. 

Read the Companies website and maybe see if they have recently been in the news – this will serve you will at interview!

As a bonus, think of any good questions you could ask at interview!

Active Listening and Positive Body Language

Keep your body posture open – try not to cross your arms and sit up straight. Don’t forget to smile! Also try not to fiddle with anything during the interview. 

Show good active listening. Make eye contact and appear interested in what the interviewer has to say.


Wear Appropriate Clothing

At interview, you can wear what you might think as “formal” wear (e.g a full suit with tie etc).

However, you can also wear “smart casual”. This can be a blouse, short or woollen jumper. You could also wear a plain colour t-shirt with no patterns or brands.

You can also wear smart trousers or a knee-length skirt. You can also wear a knee-length dress. 

It's okay to take water and notes in with you!

Your mouth can get dry when you get nervous – so you can take in some water to drink. 

Also, it can be good to take in notes and a printed version of your application form/CV. It can help you more easily answer questions. 

Send a "thank you" email...

It’s polite and makes a good impression to send a quick thank you email saying that you enjoyed the interview and that you are looking forward to hearing back. 

Read our guide on how to write professional emails here

Good luck in your interview from your RMHub family!