Olivia Taylor

Building Skills for Employment by Taking Part in Extracurricular Activities

Taking part in extracurricular activities at school can be an awesome way to build skills and make yourself more employable. Below we discuss the benefits of some of the popular extracurricular. 


Taking part in a sports team is an excellent way to demonstrate various skills. Team-based sports can show you have teamwork skills, dedication, communication and organisation. More individual sports can display your resilience, adaptability, problem-solving and drive.  For extra points, try and become a “leader”(e.g. captain or representative) to show leadership.  


Music can be a fun and fulfilling way to grow. By playing a musical instrument you show the dedication to learn. If you perform, you show confidence and even leadership qualities. Playing or performing with others shows teamwork, communication and the ability to positively encourage others. 

Committees/Student Council

Being a part of a committee or student council puts you in a leadership position with influence. It gives you the perfect opportunity to flex your negotiation and conflict-management skills. It can also be used to display organisation, time management and problem solving skills. These roles are very impressive to employers. 

Performing Arts and Debate

Taking part in performing arts (like dance or acting) or debate is an excellent opportunity to show your confidence and interpersonal (people) skills. Debate and spoken types of PA show public speaking and communication skills. These activities can also be perfect to display your motivation, teamwork and you can try and can opportunities to help lead productions or debate strategy.


E-Sports can be a very exciting way to display your teamwork skills, communication and problem solving. You can also try and lead a team which can help grow your interpersonal (people) skills and show that you are great at conflict resolution. Gaming can also show that you have some competitiveness which is great for some sectors. 

Your school doesn't have a club that you want to join? Create your own!