Welcome to the RMhub! As the head of business here, please get in touch if there's anything business-related that we haven't yet covered.

At the age of 20 I started my first business. After achieving some success, I feel an obligation to do whatever I can to help others who are in need. RMhub allows me to share my knowledge, and hopefully contribute towards inspiring people to believe in themselves.

About Me

I was a smart kid with huge ambitions from a very young age. The first career vision I can remember having was to become an astronaut. This dream was suddenly shot down as I was told that unfortunately, only a genius could travel into space, and I was just a kid on a council estate in Hull.


I never lost my love for science though, even to this day. It was always my favourite subject and that led me to go and study Medical Science at college.

Medical Science at Hull College
Relaxing after a hard day of work

A couple of years later and I was in the real world. I tried a few different jobs but nothing appealed to me. I’ve just never understood how people can live their entire lives spending most of their time doing something they hate.


I envisioned being able to work on something that I actually enjoyed, actually feeling like I was moving forward and working towards my ambitions.


This is when I began thinking about starting my own business.

I had a range of ideas and eventually, after struggling to find an affordable, made-to-measure suit, decided I was going to start an online suit company. I didn’t know anything about business or how I was going to make it become a reality but I was committed and felt as though I had nothing to lose.

Alongside this, I was working 70 hours a week in order to earn an income and get set up. Any extra money would go straight into the business. I thought of this as a necessary stepping stone in order to get to where I wanted.

And eventually I did. Comerford’s Custom Clothing was launched in 2017.

Comerford's suits being manufactured