Olivia Taylor

Creative Industries

The Creative Industries are careers involving the generation of knowledge. These can include: photography, journalism, architecture, the arts, film, music, design, fashion and TV. 

Routes into the Creative Arts:

Creative Internships – a good way to get a short creative internship would be to send ‘speculative applicants’ (aka send your CV to employers you would be interested to work with and explain why you want the experience). You could also connect with people on LinkedIn

Creative Apprenticeship – you can find create apprenticeships on the gov.uk Website, Arkswork and The Apprenticeship Guide.

Creative Graduate Jobs – you can choose to study arts at University and then go into a Creative Graduate Roles. 

Freelance – you can also set up your own creative business if you like. Read about freelancing here.  

Read more about creative jobs here

Here from our Role Model Deima Aleks about her experience in he creative industry!

Interested in expanding your commercial knowledge of the creative industry?

Here are some great resources below to expand your knowledge…