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Hey! I'm so glad you've found out about the RMhub and that you've made your way to my profile.

I came up with the idea for the RMhub and together with an amazing team have built this online resource to help you excel in your education and career. If there’s anything career, mental health or education related that you think we’re missing, just drop us a message and we’ll make sure to include it on the site.

About me

Electronic Engineering Student at the University of York

I am currently in my second year, of a four year degree, in electronic engineering at the University of York. I chose to study electronic engineering because I’ve always been fascinated about how electronics work. Like seriously, how do they make things like iPhones, that are so small, yet can do so much? Amazing right?

Of course doing an engineering degree, it’s needless to say that I also have a love of maths, physics and problem solving (always loved a good puzzle book).

Unlike the majority in their second year, I’m 27 (that’s ancient for a student right)! To my surprise, I’m far from the oldest on my course. However, one thing that I have in common with a lot of students of all ages, is that I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could go to uni.

University of York

University of York, Heslington Hall (Source:

Chris and Danny Cooper

My older brother Danny and I (check out my tracksuit!).

Growing up in Hull, East Yorkshire, I was the youngest of four. Money was tight and I can’t say that I had any role models around who had done particularly good out of education. On the other-hand, I saw plenty of people getting into trouble with the police, including my older brother who spent time in Hull Prison.

I always knew that I wanted more out of life than to stay on the council estate in which I grew up and to always be in with the same crowds who as time would tell progressed into crime. However, I believed that education wasn’t the answer to my ambitions, I saw myself as unacademic (partly down to being neurodiversity) and all of the evidence around me showed that school was pointless.


I left school with barley any GCSE’s and the ones that I did have, were so lowly graded that they weren’t that much worth having. I went onto do a minimum wage jobs, before finding myself jobless. Luckily, a friend of a friend was working at a an agency that hired subcontractors and I was taken on a subcontractor to Portakabin, a module building company that is maybe best know for Portaloo (although the company does lots of work beyond this). I worked nightshifts (8pm – 6am) for just over two years before being taken on full time due to my hard work. Portakabin wasn’t a bad job, but it wasn’t one that I found fulfilling, I saw little room for progression and I felt like I had no life whilst working nights.

Chris Cooper School

My early school years.

I used my Portakabin wages to visit New York.

I won’t say life was all bad, because of my job at Portakabin, I saved up enough to travel a bit (although I spent every last penny on travelling…) and I had some amazing friends. 

However, all of the travelling and the outside image of enjoyment was hiding the fact that I was struggling mentally. I felt lost in a rut and thought that there was no coming back (I also suffer from PTSD due to childhood event and this was getting harder and harder to manage). 

When I felt like I was at my lowest, I had a chance meeting with a University of York student that would change my life. 

Over time the University of York student convinced me that I had the potential to do more with my life, than working nightshift in a job that I didn’t enjoy.

After finding out that I had a big interest in engineering (seeing the engineers working at Portakabin only enhanced this), they managed to convince me (it took some doing), that I was good enough to study engineering at university. 

That’s when I started my journey to university, aged 22, from GCSE’s up. Three years later at the age of 25 I started studying electronic engineering at the University of York, all because of that chance meeting that I had with a York student (.a great role model for me). Now that I’m at university, I am passionate about giving other people the chance to meet role models like the ones that I met and that’s why I started Role Models Yorkshire in 2019. Eventually, Role Models Yorkshire has led me to starting this website, to give you access to the very best role models and study resources.

Uni of York Electronics

University of York, Department of Electronic Engineering

Wherever you are in life, you still have the ability to achieve your dreams.