Danny Comerford

Types of Businesses

A business can be focused around almost any type of industry, subject or even hobby. However, all businesses can be classified as providing either products or services (or a mixture of both). Here are some examples of the types of businesses under these categories:

Product Businesses

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Probably the most popular type of product business and one of the easiest to start up. This involves the selling of items to customers. This also includes online ecommerce.



Wholesaling consists of distributing products in high quantities to retailers rather than to the general public. This does not necessarily include the manufacturing of products.



This is the first stage of any product's journey. Manufacturers usually sell their products to retailers and can be responsible for a number of different brands simultaneously.

Service Businesses


Skill Service

This is a great way for people to earn money by doing something they're good at. This could include using any skill to provide a service from graphic design to personal training.


Providing Content

This could be anything from your own newspaper to just writing a blog. The aim here is to get as much traffic as you can. Income can be earned from subscriptions, showing ads, affiliate marketing etc.



Essentially acting as a middle-man, an agency provides a service on behalf of someone. Some examples are organising a holiday or planning a wedding.