Olivia Taylor

Benefits of a Part Time Job

Getting a part time job while studying can have many positive benefits! Common jobs for students include: retail (e.g. working in shops), waiting (e.g. working in restaurants), fast-food, “admin” type jobs (e.g. helping out in offices), tutoring (helping younger students with their school work) and babysitting/animal sitting. 

1. Earn some money!

The clearest benefit of getting a part time job is obviously having a little bit of money to spend or save. While you might not earn a huge amount per hour – the money quickly piles up! 

2. Meeting new people

Getting a part time job is an opportunity to make new friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise meet. If your nervous about applying to a new job, you could try applying with friends. My first job was with my best friend and we had a great time!

3. Learn transferable skills

It looks good on your CV to have a part time job! You can learn important skills that will be later on in your career. For example, skills like teamwork, leadership, communication and customer service are learnt at most part-time jobs. 

4. Helps you learn budgeting

Having your own money can help you budget – decide what to spend and what to save. 

To learn more about budgeting – take a look here.

5. Gaining confidence and independence

Earning your own money can help build your confidence and independence as you can buy the things you want.

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