Olivia Taylor

Best Wellbeing Podcasts

Here are some recommendations of podcasts to help improve your wellbeing!

“Just One Thing”

Michael Mosley reveals scientific top tips to improve your wellbeing. Some episodes include: “Spend Time in Nature”, “Breathe”, “Take Cold Showers” and “Stand on One Leg”. 

“On Purpose with Jay Shetty” 

 A podcast on how to use your time well in order to improve your wellbeing and productivity. There’s plenty of episodes to get stuck into!

“5 Ways To Wellbeing Podcast”

A system used by Mental Health UK and Rethink Mental Health. The 5 ways to wellbeing include: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. 

“Tracks to Relax”

Tracks to Relax is guided meditation to help you sleep at night. Also, see “Guided Nap Meditation”. 

“Ted Radio Hour”

Ted Radio Hour covers a huge range of content which can help you learn about yourself and give you new perspectives on difficult topics. 

Wellbeing podcasts are a great way to improve your coping skills and learn new ways to boost your wellbeing - hope you enjoy some of the above!