Olivia Taylor

Guide to Being a Leader

Being a leader is more than bossing people around or being in charge! A true leader is able to bring out the best in everyone in their team, will be able to help the team collaborate, and will lead by example. 

  1. Communication – it is important to be able explain yourself clearly to those in your team. However, it is perhaps even more important to be able to listen to those on your team – active listen skills are a must! An advance leadership communication skills is to be able to make shyer members of your team comfortable to share their ideas. 

2. Influence – the ability to persuade and motivate people is an important leadership skill. You can do this by encouraging the sharing of ideas and giving people praise. It’s also about fighting for your opinion, but also learning when to listen to others.

3. Planning – being able to create and communicate a plan for the whole team, including to be able to delegate tasks effectively. It’s also important that a leader can deal with challenges and change the plan if needed. 

4. Innovation – being able to come up with new ideas that other people don’t come up with, being ready to take risks and see them through.