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We’re a team of young people from diverse backgrounds, who have a passion for helping you to reach your full potential. We’ll help you to excel in education, your career and life. Whether you want to start your own business, get into a world leading university or find out more about professional careers, you’ve come to the right place. 

Chris Cooper


Meet Chris, an electronic engineering student at the University of York and founder of multiple social campaigns including Role Models Yorkshire.

Cerys Stone


Meet Cerys, philosophy, politics and economics student at the university of York and York Community Consulting Personnel Director.

Danny Comerford


Meet Danny, business founder (businesses include Comerford's Custom Clothing) and Business Mentor.


Meet Olivia, physiology and behavioural sciences student at the University of Cambridge and United Nations Millennium Fellow.

Annie Bocock


After leaving the University of York, Annie has become a mental health advocate and a TEDx speaker. Annie is also a freelance writer and founder of 'Art for Messy Beings'.

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What we do:

Help to revise


Our team of high performing university students have research the very best revision techniques to help you achieve the grades you deserve.

College/Sixth Form

We will help you explore your further education options. What are the differences between A-Levels, Diploma's and Apprenticeships...


Most of our team are at top UK universities and therefore, are the perfect people for helping you into top universities.

Apprenticeships (Coming Soon)

University isn't the right route for everyone. That's why we've spent lots of time researching to put together a guide to getting your perfect apprenticeship.


We've spoken with some of the UK's leading CEO's and professionals, and put together guides to help you into your dream career.

Alternatives to Uni

Starting a Business

It's easier than ever to start your own business. Successful business person Danny Comerford has created a guide to help you start your business.

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In our blog we speak to the UK's top professionals including diplomats, CEO's and founders. The professionals talk about their career journey's and give you advice for getting to where they are today!

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